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In our wellness area "L'Erable"

Every day, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.   (  Info directly at reception)

Used to massaging in town and in the mountains, Sylvie has worked in many spas and hotels, but also on sporting events.

It is in the diversity of techniques learned that she finds inspiration.

Thanks to her experience, she will be able to listen to your needs and sometimes gently, sometimes in firmness, dissolve your tensions and lead you to deep relaxation.





A slow and deep massage, allowing to release the physical and psychic tensions.
The little extras: Hydrated skin, toned tissues, activated circulation, calm mind.

  • 50 'Chf.  110 .--

  • 75 '. Chf.  160 .--


Indicated after sustained physical effort, or able to provide support during periods of high demand.

Its sequences and stretches will loosen, stimulate, cleanse.

  • 50 'Chf.  110 .--

  • 75 'Chf.  160 .--

Pregnant woman massage


Brings well-being and relaxation to the mother-to-be.

  • 50 'Chf.  110.-

  • 75 'Chf.  160.-

Foot massage - Reflexology

Extremely soothing, a treatment suitable for everyone which will rebalance all the functions of the organism.

  • 25 'Chf.  70 .--

  • 50 'Chf. 110 .--

Back - Neck


The back is often the site of contractures and stiffness caused by fatigue or stress.

Ideal for relieving the tensions of everyday life or simply to take some time for yourself.

  • 25 '  Chf. 70 .--

Heavy legs


What could be better after a long day of hiking or skiing than a good leg massage.
The opportunity to treat yourself to a well-deserved rest and to leave very light! ​

  • 25 '  Chf. 70 .--

Child - Teen


A moment of relaxation for the youngest, from 1 month to 16 years old.

** Accompanied by an adult.

  • 25 '  Chf.  70 .--

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